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Futuhat al-Makkiyya [Vol-36 & 37 | 2016 | Published]

The Ibn al-Arabi foundation is delighted to announce the publication of the last two volumes of Futhuhat al-Makkiyya. The foundation used the Arabic edition of Ustaz 'Abd al-Aziz Sultan al-Mansub for the publication, as he granted permission to publish his Arabic edition of the Futuhat with the foundation's Urdu translation in Pakistan.
This edition is considered the best Arabic edition of the text to date.The project comprises 37 volumes containing the complete Arabic text, a parallel Urdu translation, and selected hawashi.
For the first two volumes, which are set to be published later this year, the foundation requires financial support. Individuals can fund a complete volume, from translation to publishing, or contribute to its publishing. The foundation is in need of support for a project like the Futuhat, and interested parties can visit the support page to join in supporting the project.
As of Friday, August 28, 2015, volume 36 of the project, which starts from Chapter 560 of the book, was ready for print within a month's time. Volume 37 comprises the second half of Chapter 560 of the book. The foundation rechecked half of this volume with Arabic text, and it is set to be completed within three months.
On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, the foundation announced that Volume 36 had already been sent to print and would become available in December 2015. However, proofreading and formatting were required for Volume 37 before it could be sent to print. This process was expected to take at least two months.
Finally, on Saturday, February 27, 2016, the foundation announced that Volume 36 was available for purchase, while Volume 37 was in print and set to become available in March 2016. The foundation's commitment to the publication of this significant work is admirable, and its efforts are an invaluable contribution to Islamic scholarship.
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