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Manuscripts Repository
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A manuscript repository is a collection of handwritten or hand-copied documents, typically stored in a library or archive. These documents can include historical or literary texts, official records, personal letters, and more. A manuscript repository is an important resource for scholars, researchers, and anyone interested in studying the past or learning about different cultures and societies.

In recent years, many manuscript repositories have begun digitizing their collections in order to make them more accessible to a wider audience. This has allowed people from all over the world to access and study these valuable documents without having to travel to the physical location of the repository. Digitization has also helped to preserve these documents by creating backup copies that can be stored in multiple locations, reducing the risk of loss or damage due to disasters or other events.

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Digital Manuscript Repository 

The Ibn al-Arabi Foundation in Pakistan is committed to collecting, preserving, and digitally publishing manuscript copies of the works of Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi, a renowned Islamic scholar and mystic. The Foundation has already collected more than 1000 copies of these manuscripts, some of which are very rare and valuable.

In early years, the Foundation has digitized more than 40 manuscripts of Ibn al-Arabi available at National Library of Pakistan. While some of these manuscripts may not be considered historic due to various reasons, the Foundation believes that each and every manuscript is worth preserving and digitizing for future generations.

Digitization and preservation are critical because they ensure that these manuscripts are available to readers around the world. By making them accessible online, the Foundation hopes to promote the teachings of Ibn al-Arabi and increase understanding and awareness of his work. The Foundation welcomes any support from individuals or institutions who share their mission to preserve and promote the works of Ibn al-Arabi. They have made some of these manuscripts available for readers free of cost, and they hope to continue to expand their digital collection to make these important works more accessible to everyone.

Manuscript Collections

Fakhr al-Din Khurasani Collection

Fakhr ud din al-Khurasani was a young man who is known for his efforts in collecting and preserving the works of the famous Sufi scholar, Muhiuddin Ibn al-Arabi. In the year 810 AH, he traveled to Makkah and requested Ibn al-Arabi's books, but was told that they were not available there. However, he was informed that there was a Sufi in the Yemeni city of Zubaid who had an excellent collection of Ibn al-Arabi's books.Fakhr ud din al-Khurasani then traveled to Zubaid and stayed at the Madrassa al-Mizjajia. There, he was able to copy the entire collection of Ibn al-Arabi's works in the year 814 Hijri. His collection later made its way to Sindh and is now available at the Pir Pagaro Library.

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King Saud University Collection
Hathi Trust Digital Library
Nawab ud Din Hyderabadi Collection
Damascene Family Library Refaiya
Harvard University Library