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Abrar Ahmed Shahi

Abrar Ahmed Shahi

Abrar Ahmed Shahi is a distinguished scholar and founder of the Ibn al-Arabi Foundation, dedicated to the works of Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddīn Ibn al-Arabi. He has made significant contributions in the field of Islamic studies, particularly in translating and editing the works of Ibn al-Arabi. 
Shahi's work primarily focuses on the critical editions and translations of Ibn al-Arabi's writings. He has successfully edited and published numerous works, including "Kitāb al-Isfar ‘an Natā’ij al-Asfār," "Rūḥ al-quds fī munāṣaḥat al-nafs," and "K. Mukhtaṣar al-durrat al-fākhira," among others. These editions are notable for their comprehensive Urdu translations and critical analysis. 
In addition to his editing work, Shahi has translated various other texts from Arabic into Urdu, enriching the understanding of Islamic mysticism and philosophy in the Urdu-speaking world. His translations include "Rasā’il Ibn al-Arabi," "Tadbīrāt al-Ilāhiyya fī Islāh al-mamlaka al-Insāniyya," and "Fusus al-Hikam."
Shahi's expertise extends beyond translations and publications. He has a strong online presence, notably through his YouTube channel and the Ibn al-Arabi Foundation's website, which he has successfully established and maintained since 2007. This website serves as a valuable resource for scholars, offering access to a manuscript collection and a database of articles on Ibn al-Arabi's sciences.His academic journey includes an M.Phil in Comparative Religions from the International Islamic University Islamabad and a Bachelor's degree in the same field. Shahi also holds proficiency in various computer skills related to translation, publication, digitization, and website management, further supporting his scholarly endeavors.Shahi's contribution to the field of Islamic studies, particularly his work on Ibn al-Arabi, is significant. His translations and critical editions have made Ibn al-Arabi's complex and profound works accessible to a broader audience, greatly enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Islamic mysticism and philosophy.

here is a list of the translated and edited works by the founder of Ibn al-Arabi Foundation:

Translated Works:
  1. Rasā’il Ibn al-Arabi which includes 12 short rasails (2007).

  2. Tadbīrāt al-Ilāhiyya fī Islāh al-mamlaka al-Insāniyya (1st Edition 2008) 

  3. 101 Hadīth Qudsī (The Mishkāt al-Anwār of Ibn al-Arabi). (2009) 

  4. Kitāb al-Isfar ‘an Natā’ij al-Asfār (1st and 2nd Edition) 

  5. Rūḥ al-quds fī munāṣaḥat al-nafs (1st and 2nd Edition)  

  6. Kashf al-maʿnā ‘an sirr Asma Allah al-Husna (2014) 

  7. Rasā’il Ibn al-Arabi (vol -1) five Rasails of Ibn al-Arabi. (2014) 

  8. Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam fi khusus al Kalim (2015)  

  9. Futuhat al-Makkiyya (vol 36-37) (2016) 

  10. Mawaqi al Nujum by Ibn al Arabi (May 2019) 

  11. Anqa Mughrib (March 2020) 

  12. Rasail Ibn al-Arabi [vol 1-4] (2021-2022) 

  13. Malfuzat Ibn al-Arabi (2022) 

  14. Kitab al-Isra | Spritiual Ascension of Ibn al-Arabi (2023) 

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