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Membership is a kind of support which Ibn al-Arabi Foundation seeks from all those who not only believe in the Sufi knowledge of Shaykh al-Akbar but are willing enough to contribute for its revival. So join us today and show your love and affection for the spreading of this Divine Knowledge.
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Membership benefits

The Foundation offers a range of benefits to its members:

  • Stay updated on the latest research and books on Ibn al-Arabi published by the Foundation.
  • Enjoy up to 40% discount on retail prices for books published by the Foundation.
  • Receive every new publication of the Foundation free of cost as a Life Member.
  • Get consultation and help for better understanding the teachings of Shaykh al Akbar Muhyiddin Muhammad Ibn al-Arabi.
  • Request for delivery of publications through mail.
  • Participate in the annual functions/seminars organized by the Foundation.
  • Voluntarily support the Foundation in its endeavors to undertake/complete various other projects through donations.
  • Furthermore, members of the Foundation have the opportunity to join a WhatsApp group and stay connected with the latest activities and developments.
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    International Residents

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    100 USD/- or equivalent yearly fee for International members
    1000 USD/- Life time membership fee for international members

    Pakistani Residents

    10,000 Rs/- yearly membership fee for a Pakistani resident.
    100,000 Rs/- Life time membership fee for a Pakistani resident.

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    • Join Ibn al-Arabi Foundation and receive free books as a member benefit.

    • Yearly members will receive a book published by the Foundation as a gift.

    • Life time members will receive every book published by the Foundation as a gift.

    • Gain access to the divine knowledge of Shaykh al-Akbar by joining now.

    • Note that standard courier charges may apply.

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