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First meeting with Dr. Jameel Qalandar [April 2008]

Malik Hamesh Gul and Abrar Ahmed Shahi, representatives of the Ibn Arabi Foundation, recently met with Dr. M Jamil Qalander, a renowned figure in the field of Tasawwuf and science, at his home in Islamabad. The meeting began with an introduction to the current state of the foundation, and then Dr. Jamil Qalander shared his Ph.D. thesis on the influence of Sheikh Akbar Ibn Arabi upon him. He attributed all of his writing in the thesis to the blessings of the Sheikh.
After tea and biscuits, the representatives asked Dr. Qalander about the concept of "Ayaan Thabita" (fixed essences) and the concept of fate and decree. They also had the opportunity to see a book called "Sharh al-Masha'id al-Qudsiyah," which was dictated by Sheikh Akbar to a woman after his physical death. Dr. Qalander expressed appreciation for the Ibn Arabi Foundation's work on Sheikh Akbar and conferred upon them the title of "Ghurq fi al-Sheikh al-Akbar," which means "absorbed in Sheikh Akbar." He mentioned that Sheikh Akbar holds great "Tasaruuf" in this world, and that the foundation's work is a result of his blessings.
Overall, the meeting was a fruitful exchange of knowledge and ideas, and the representatives of the Ibn Arabi Foundation were honored to have met with Dr. Qalander and to have received his appreciation and recognition.
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