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Early Translations of Rasail  [May 2008]

We are proud to present a list of some Rasa'il that we have translated from Arabic.
The first one, Kitab al Azal, delves into the correct meaning of Azal (Eternity) in rhetoric and the language of secrets. At the end, the Sheikh provides a minor distinction between Ism (name), Sifa (attribute), and Naat (descriptor) and explains that Azal is a Naat, not an ism nor Sifa to Allah.
The second book, Kitab al Baa, is about the famous quote about the nuqta (dot) of Baa, as said by Abu Madyan. The Sheikh explains in detail all the hidden meanings of Baa from the sciences of letters and divine realities. A complete translation of this book is now available in Rasial Ibn al-Arabi.
Our next Rasa'il, Manzil of Qutub his State and Abode, is an informative epistle on Qutub, his activities, and the two Imams on his left and right side. The Sheikh also talks about the state of Abu Madyan, who became a Qutub for just 2 to 3 hours before his demise. We have started the translation of this book and will make it available on our website soon.
Finally, we are excited to announce that we have completed the translation of Tafsir Sura al-Fateha and the secrets of Bismillah. This book explains the deep meanings of the first surah in the Quran and the secrets of Bismillah, the phrase commonly used to begin Islamic texts and acts.We are pleased to offer these translations on our website to help make the works of Sheikh Akbar more accessible to a wider audience. These books are essential for anyone interested in the deeper meanings of Arabic language, Islamic theology, and Sufi teachings. We hope that these translations will inspire further study and appreciation of Sheikh Akbar's works, and we look forward to translating more of his Rasa'il in the future.