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Foundation's intro in MIAS news-letter  [Sep 2008]

We are very thankful to Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society Oxford Uk for writing an introduction on Ibn Arabi Foundation Pakistan. Here is the original text of the introduction as printed in the Issue 25th of Summer 2008 Newsletter.

"The Ibn Arabi Foundation was established in Pakistan in 2007, the work of Abrar Ahmed and Malik Hamesh. Its website was its first significant publishing effort. ( Foundation’s first aim is to translate the works of Ibn ‘Arabi from Arabic into understandable contemporary Urdu, but it looks beyond that to provide resources for scholars in Urdu, Arabic and English, to promote knowledge of Ibn ‘Arabi generally, to create a community aware of his sciences, even to run courses in this area. The information and Administration section of the website is in English, but it has content in Urdu, Arabic, and English. It includes information about Ibn ‘Arabi’s life in Urdu, and also has a page on his disciples. It has bibliographies of books in Urdu and Arabic. It has the texts of a number of works by Ibn ‘Arabi and essays in three languages. The first printed publication produced by the Foundation is a translation into Urdu of Volume I of the Ras'ial Ibn ‘Arabi, the collection of short works by Ibn ‘Arabi published in Hyderabad Deccan in 1948.
The Foundation has completed translations of other works which it proposes to publish soon: the Naqd an nusus fi sharh naqsh al fusus, Al tadbiraat al ilahiya, Tafsir Sura Fatiha, and Volume ll of Rasial Ibn Arabi.
The Foundation has three Honorary Members, who are Pir Sayed Mohammad Farooq al-Qadri, who is working on a translation of the Futûhât, Qaiser Shahzad, of the Islamic Research Institute of the International Islamic University, Islamabad, and Dr. M. Jamil Qalander of the Faculty of Arabic Language, also of the International Islamic University".