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Now you can purchase Arabic PDF Critical editions of published by Ibn al-Arabi Foundation.

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To make it easier for scholars worldwide, we have introduced a new initiative of selling Arabic editions of our books in PDF format. The initiative has been launched with the release of Mawaqi al-Nujum and the prices are listed in USD, applicable globally. Only Arabic digital copies of books published and edited by the Ibn al-Arabi Foundation are available for purchase in PDF format. All of our Arabic editions are meticulously edited using the best available manuscripts found in the world's oldest and most prestigious libraries. Each edition produced by the Ibn al-Arabi Foundation is the highest-quality version of that work available for purchase worldwide.
Our Arabic editions have several special features, including:
  1. We use the best and oldest available manuscripts to produce a critical edition of each work.
  2. We consult at least 5 to 8 manuscripts for each book to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  3. The footnotes in our Arabic edition allow readers to trace each alternative and variant in the manuscripts.
  4. As Ibn al-Arabi often created multiple versions of his works, we are able to trace these different manuscript versions and classify them accordingly in our Arabic editions.
To order any PDF Arabic soft copy of our books, please visit the book page in the Publications section of our website and contact us directly through the Contact Us page or by emailing us at
Searchable PDF

We provides searchable PDFs, enabling readers to search any word with a click for quick reference.

Instant Availability

Our books can be purchased from anywhere in the world, with an instant download link sent to your email..

Best Quality

We offer high-quality Arabic editions of Ibn al-Arabi's works with professional formatting for easy reading.

Manuscripts Sources

Our editions of Ibn al-Arabi's works are critical editions produced from the best available manuscript sources.

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