Here is a list of some Rasa'ils which we have translated from Arabic:

1- Kitab Azal (كتاب الأزل ).

In kitab al Azal Sheikh told the correct meaning of Azal (Eternity) in rhetoric and in the language of Secrets. At the end he also show the minor distinction between Ism اسم sifa صفة and Naat نعت and told that Azal is a Naat, not an ism nor Sifa to Allah.

 2- Kitab Al Baa (كتاب الباء)

This book is about the famous qoute about the nuqta of Baa as Abu Madyan said : When ever i say any thing i say Baa before it. And It has been asked from Shabli : Are you Shabli? He replied I am the Nuqta below the latter Baa. Sheik has told in detail all the hidden meaning of Baa from the sciences of letters and from Divine realities. We are pleased to announce that a partial translation of this book is now available in the Research papers Section of Our website please do visit it.

3. Manzil al-Qutub wa Maqamuhu

We have started translation of our next Risala of Sheikh Akbar by the name of "Manzil of Qutub his State and Abode" (منزل القطب و مقامه و حاله) This is a very informative Epistle on Qutub his activities and the two Imams one on his left side and the other on his right side as well as in this Epistle Sheikh Akbar also told about the state of "Abu Madyan" who became a Qutub for just 2 to 3 hours before his demise.

4. Tafsir Sura al-Fateha 

We are very pleased to annouce that the translation of "Tafsir Sura Fateha and the secrets of Bismillah" (تفسير سورة الفاتحة و أسرار بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم) has been completed today by the grace of Allah. 

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