The Real made me contemplate [the light of] perplexity and He said to me, “Return!” But I did not find where to. He said to me, “Approach!” But  I did not find where. He said to me, “Stop!”  But I did not find where.He said, “Do not withdraw!” And I was perplexed.
Then He said to me, “You are you and I am I.”
“You are Me and I am you.”
“You are not Me and I am not you.”
“ I am not you and you are Me.”
“You are not you, and you are not other than you.”
“The I-ness is one and the He-ness ( huwiyya) is many.”
“You are in the He-ness and I am in the I-ness.”

— Ibn al-Arabī, Contemplation of the Light of Perplexity

In the name of God,
the all-compassionate and most merciful

Praise be to God for His bringing the most
excellent success! I ask Him for:
guidance to follow His Path;
inspiration to verify His Reality;
a heart certain of His Truth;
a mind illumined by the providential
awareness of His Precedence;
a spirit taken up with ardent desire of Him;
a soul at peace from ignorance;
an understanding radiating with the flashes
of thought and its brilliance;
an innermost heart flourishing with the
spring-waters of illumination and its pure nectar;
speech strewn upon the carpet of expansion
and its clarification;
thought exalted above the apparent finery
of the ephemeral and its embellishment;
insight able to witness the secret mystery of Being
in the setting of creation and its rising;
senses maintained in full health by the constant
coursing of [Divine] refreshment;
a natural constitution purified from the dominion
of lack and its consequences;
a disposition completely responsive to the reins
of Divine Law and its authority;
a [state at each] instant conducive to His uniting
and His distinguishing.

And may blessings and peace be upon Muhammad and his family and his company, and the successors who came after him and the community of those who follow his path – may they be greeted with peace.

The One desired is God, both in Being and in witnessing, and He is the One intended, without any [possibility of] denial or disclaimer. For He suffices me, the most beneficent Trustee.

— Ibn al-Arabī

O my God, Your Knowledge embraces all that is knowable. Your Awareness encompasses the interior [meaning] of all that is understandable. You are sanctified in Your exaltedness from all that is blameable. The spiritual aspirations ascend to You, and the words soar to You.

— Ibn al-Arabī, 

From my incompleteness to my completeness, and from my inclination to my equilibrium
From my grandeur to my beauty, and from my splendour to my majesty
From my scattering to my gathering, and from my exclusion to my reunion
From my baseness to my preciousness, and from my stones to my pearls
From my rising to my setting, and from my days to my nights
From my luminosity to my darkness, and from my guidance to my straying
From my perigee to my apogee, and from the base of my lance to its tip
From my waxing to my waning, and from the void of my moon to its crescent
From my pursuit to my flight, and from my steed to my gazelle
From my breeze to my boughs, and from my boughs to my shade
From my shade to my bliss, and from my bliss to my wrath
From my wrath to my likeness, and from my likeness to my impossibility
From my impossibility to my validity, and from my validity to my deficiency.

I am no one in existence but myself

— Ibn al-Arabī,

Were I to see myself when I came to myself by myself, secretly or openly,
And said, “Greetings” and answered, “At your service”, And if my turning were from me to me,
My very “Here I am!” would annihilate me from myself,
From my enemies and my trusty friends,
From my threat [of punishment] and my surplus [grace],
From my delight and my promises [of paradise],
From my witnessing and my testimony.
What wonderful favour would be mine through myself!
Oh I! Return me by me to me until I see my stability.
He returned me by me to me from me, and only my qualities subsisted in me.
My palm grasped my stick, my staff smote my rock;
The river of constellations flowed from it: Twelve heralds! 

— Ibn al-Arabī,

“O My servants, I have forbidden injustice to Myself and I have made it forbidden amongst you. So be not unjust to one another.
“O My servants, all of you go astray except the one whom I guide. Ask guidance of Me, and I shall guide you.
“O My servants, all of you go hungry except the one whom I feed. Ask Me for food, and I shall feed you.
“O My servants, all of you go naked except the one whom I clothe. Ask Me for clothing, and I shall clothe you.
“O My servants, you transgress by day and night, but I forgive all misdeeds. Ask forgiveness of Me, and I shall forgive you.
“O My servants, harming Me is beyond you, so you cannot harm Me; and benefiting Me is beyond you, so you cannot benefit Me.
“O My servants, if all of you – first and last, man and jinn – were like the one among you with the most devout heart, that would add nothing to My kingdom.
“O My servants, if all of you – first and last, man and jinn – were like the one among you with the most ungodly heart, that would take nothing away from My kingdom.
“O My servants, if all of you – first and last, man and jinn – were to stand on the same level and address Me with your requests, and if I were to give each one what he had requested, that would not diminish what is with Me, any more than a needle diminishes the sea when it enters it.
“O My servants, it is solely your deeds that I take account of, and it is by virtue of them that I will repay you. So let him who ¥nds good, praise God, and let him who ¥nds other than that, hold none but himself to blame.”

— Ibn al-Arabī, 101 Hadith Qudsi

God, ever mighty and majestic is He, says: “I am with My servant when he remembers Me and when his lips move in mention of Me.”

— Ibn al-Arabī, 101 Hadith Qudsi

God, ever mighty and majestic is He, says: “O child of Adam, as long as you beseech Me and hope for Me, I shall forgive you whatever you have done, without minding in the slightest. “ O child of Adam, were your sins to reach up to the clouds of Heaven and then you asked forgiveness of Me, I should forgive you, without minding in the slightest. “O child of Adam, even if you were to bring Me enough sins to ¥ll the earth, but then you met Me without associating anything with Me, I should bring to you the selfsame measure of forgiveness.”

— Ibn al-Arabī, 101 Hadith Qudsi

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