The Opening Prayer

In the name of God,
the all-compassionate and most merciful

Praise be to God for His bringing the most
excellent success! I ask Him for:
guidance to follow His Path;
inspiration to verify His Reality;
a heart certain of His Truth;
a mind illumined by the providential
awareness of His Precedence;
a spirit taken up with ardent desire of Him;
a soul at peace from ignorance;
an understanding radiating with the flashes
of thought and its brilliance;
an innermost heart flourishing with the
spring-waters of illumination and its pure nectar;
speech strewn upon the carpet of expansion
and its clarification;
thought exalted above the apparent finery
of the ephemeral and its embellishment;
insight able to witness the secret mystery of Being
in the setting of creation and its rising;
senses maintained in full health by the constant
coursing of [Divine] refreshment;
a natural constitution purified from the dominion
of lack and its consequences;
a disposition completely responsive to the reins
of Divine Law and its authority;
a [state at each] instant conducive to His uniting
and His distinguishing.

And may blessings and peace be upon Muhammad and his family and his company, and the successors who came after him and the community of those who follow his path – may they be greeted with peace.

The One desired is God, both in Being and in witnessing, and He is the One intended, without any [possibility of] denial or disclaimer. For He suffices me, the most beneficent Trustee.

— Ibn al-Arabī

The light of Perplexity (hayra)

The Real made me contemplate [the light of] perplexity and He said to me, “Return!” But I did not find where to. He said to me, “Approach!” But  I did not find where. He said to me, “Stop!”  But I did not find where.He said, “Do not withdraw!” And I was perplexed.
Then He said to me, “You are you and I am I.”
“You are Me and I am you.”
“You are not Me and I am not you.”
“ I am not you and you are Me.”
“You are not you, and you are not other than you.”
“The I-ness is one and the He-ness ( huwiyya) is many.”
“You are in the He-ness and I am in the I-ness.”

— Ibn al-Arabī, Contemplation of the Light of Perplexity

O lover – whosoever you are

O lover – whosoever you are – know that the veils between you and your beloved – whosoever he might be – are nothing save your halt with things, not the things themselves; as said by the one who hasn’t tasted the flavour of realties. You have halted with things because of the shortcoming of your perception; that is, lack of penetration, expressed as the veil; and the veil is nonexistence and nonexistence is nothingness. Thus there is no veil, If the veils were true, then who got veiled from you, you should also have been in veil from him.

— Ibn al-Arabī, The book of veils.

The Sigh of Compassion flows

The “Sigh of Compassion” Nafas al-Rahman flows through the things of the world like the waters of a river and is unceasingly renewed.

O my God, gift me with a heart

O my God, gift me with a heart by which I may be devoted to You in utter poverty, led by yearning and driven by desire, [a heart] whose provision is fear [of You] and whose companion is restlessness, whose aim is [Your] closeness and acceptance! In Your Nearness lies the consummation of those who aim, and the fulfilment of the desire of those who search.

— Ibn al-Arabī, Sunday Eve Prayer

Neither my Heaven nor my Earth contains me

"Neither my Heaven nor my Earth contains me, but the heart of my faithful believer contains me," this because the heart is a mirror in which the manifested "Form of God" is at each moment reflected on the scale of the microcosm.

The light of the veils

The Real made me contemplate the light of the veils as the star of strong backing rose, and He said to me, “Do you know how many veils I have veiled you with?”
“No”, I replied.
He said, “With seventy veils. Even if you raise them you will not see Me, and if you do not raise them you will not see Me.” “If you raise them you will see Me and if you do not raise them you will see Me.” “Take care of burning yourself!” “You are My sight, so have faith. You are My Face, so veil yourself.”

— Ibn al-Arabī, Contemplation of the Light of the Veils

All praise belongs to God

All praise belongs to God, who veiled us by Him-self, for the jealousy that anyone may know his core, He appeared as light (nūr) and then got veiled from sights by His light, He manifested, but got concealed from insights (Basā’ir) by virtue of His manifestation. Thus light entered in light, and self-manifestation got concealed in manifestation. So no sight falls but onto Him; no out-comer comes out but from Him, and no goal-seeker eventually ends up but to Him. So O people of intellect; where is absence or veil?

— Ibn al-Arabī, The book of veils.

Who are we

Spiritual force behind the Foundation's activities here in Pakistan. Our Shaykh in Qadari Tariqa

Syed Rafaqat Hussain Shah
Shaykh of Qadari Razzaqi tariqa

Shaykh of Tariqa al Akbariiya, our mentor in correct understanding of the Shaykh's teachings.

Shaykh Ahmed Muhammad Ali
Shaykh of Akbariyya Tariqa

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