"The reason for my withdrawal from and repudiation of the army, as well as my following this path [of Sufism] and my propensity toward it was [as follows]: When I went out in the company of my Lord (makhdumi), the [Almohad] Prince, Abu Bakr Yusuf b. 'Abd al-Mu'min b. Ali, to the great mosque in Cordoba,15 and I saw [the Prince] bowing and prostrating and humbly abasing himself in supplication to God (To Him belong Might and Majesty!), an idea (khatir) stirred in me [so that] I said to myself: 'If this, the ruler of the land, is so humbly submissive and does this before God (Be He exalted! To Him belong Might and Majesty!), then this world is worth nothing.' So I left him on that very day, and never saw him again. There- after, I followed this path."

— Ibn al-Arabī,

She said: "I wonder at a lover in conceit of his merits,
walking proudly among flowers in a garden."
I replied: "Do not wonder at what you see, for, indeed,
you have beheld yourself in the mirror of a man!"

— Ibn al-Arabī,

He saw the lightning in the east and he longed for the east;
but if it had flashed in the west, he would have longed for the west.

My desire is for the lightning and its gleam, not for the places and the earth. 

— Ibn al-Arabī, Tarjuman al-ashwaq

The Truth which resides in the belief is that whose form the heart encompasses, what reveals itself to the heart to be known.
The eye sees nothing but the Truth of its belief, and there is no secret about the variety of beliefs
Whoever binds Him [in a belief] denies Him in any belief other than that in which he has bound Him And affirms Him in the belief in which he bound Him in His manifestation
But whoever liberates Him from binding, denies Him not at all But affirms Him in every image into which He transforms Himself He/he gives him/Him of Himself/himself in accordance with the image in which He/he appears to him/Him Infinitely,
since the forms of manifestation have no end at which to stop
And, likewise, knowledge of Allah has no limit for the knower at which he might stop Rather, the knower asks in every moment for an increase in his knowledge of Him "My lord, increase me in knowledge" [Qur'an 20:116]
"My lord, increase me in knowledge"
"My lord, increase me in knowledge"
So it continues, perpetually, from both sides.

— Ibn al-Arabī, Fusus al-Hikam

You are not He But you are He
You see Him in the essence of things
Boundless and limited.

— Ibn al-Arabī, Fusus al-Hikam

The seeker continues to say with every breath "My lord, increase me in knowledge"
as long as the sphere of the universe turns in His breath
So that he attempts to make his moment his/His breath ...
The moment lengthens or shortens
in relation to the presence of its master
The moment of some is an hour
of others a day, a week, a month, a year, or once in a lifetime
And some have no moment at all.

— Ibn al-Arabī

When I write a book, nothing is abrogated
Nor is it in my own words, for me to change it.
I do not comprehend it, nor do i reject it;
but it is obscure and unknown to me.

— Poem by Ibn al-Arabi in the margin of Veliyuddin 51
Translated by Denis McAuley 

Many mistakes may occur in love. The first of them is that people imagine that the object of love is an existent thing... In fact, love's object remains forever nonexistent, but most lovers are not aware of this, unless they should be knowers of the realities.

— Futuhat al-Makkiyya (II 337.17)

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