When I write a book, nothing is abrogated
Nor is it in my own words, for me to change it.
I do not comprehend it, nor do i reject it;
but it is obscure and unknown to me.

— Poem by Ibn al-Arabi in the margin of Veliyuddin 51
Translated by Denis McAuley 

Who are we

Spiritual force behind the Foundation's activities here in Pakistan. Our Shaykh in Qadari Tariqa

Syed Rafaqat Hussain Shah
Shaykh of Qadari Razzaqi tariqa

Shaykh of Tariqa al Akbariiya, our mentor in correct understanding of the Shaykh's teachings.

Shaykh Ahmed Muhammad Ali
Shaykh of Akbariyya Tariqa

Editor, Translator and Ambassador of Shaykh al Akbar. Working full time in the foundation

Abrar Ahmed Shahi
Head at Ibn al Arabi Foundation Pakistan

Proof reader and Urdu language editor, contributing part time on Foundation's activities

Hamesh Gul Malik
Secretary General.